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Local Internet Marketing

Local internet marketing in the context of this blog refers specifically to businesses that strive to reach their customers and prospects within a geographically defined local area. That area can range in size from as big as a section of a state down to a specific neighborhood with a city or town. The key point is that the business is focused on just those people in their physical area. There are a wide range of internet marketing tutorials, blogs, books, and unfortunately, scams available. Some of these (well, not the scams) have good information that can be applied to local business internet marketing as well. However, if you really want to reach your local market, their are key differences, techniques, and tools you need to take advantage of. That’s where this blog comes in. If internet marketing were general medicine, then local internet marketing is a specialty. Time to start your residency!

One of the biggest obstacles to small businesses that want to get started online is just figuring out where to begin and how to prioritize your activities. Where to start? While there’s no universal right answer because it depends on your type of business, market, etc. we’ve all got to start somewhere! The following steps are still a work in progress but should help to get you going. It’s a general approach that will get you in the game…

Level 1 – The Basics
Add your business information to free directories
Basic Search Engine Optimization
Create an Adwords Account and Ad For Google Maps
Create accounts to reserve your business name

Level 2 – Intermediate
Structure your PPC campaign in Google
More SEO and Landing Pages
Twitter, Facebook, and others

Level 3 – Time to get into the weeds…
Should your business have a blog?
Other marketing

Recommended Resources:
I’ll be adding some resources here in the future. Got good suggestions?

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